My son had a cold when he was just a month and half old... :( I found an electronic bugger sucker at wal-mart (amazing) I used that several times a day. I put a pillow under his mattress to prop him up . I also used this all natural cough syrup from wal-mart. Its call lil bees or something like that its in a white bottle and has a bee on it. I put a humidifier in the middle of his room at night and BABY vicks on his feet. I dont think there realy is much else you can do but let the cold run its course.

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    We have an electronic bugger sucker too and we love it, it is so much better then the bulb sucker things.
      Hmmm I never heard of an electronic aspirator...sounds interesting... i bet those came out after i had my children... the neat things always do!
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