While Trevor was at Boot Camp and I was left with Nina, I had a hard time adjusting to waking up all the time at night to deal with whatever had woken Nina up -again- and one night, hazy with sleepiness and unwillingness to be a normal and civilized mother who calls her child by their name, I called her "Nina-bean"...

I'm still not sure why, but it's stuck. She's Nina-bean, Beans, and occasionally "our little monster" when she decides it's time to charge around growling and shrieking and having a good old time being wild.

My mom used to call her "Lil Bit", and I was never fond of that one. It was like when the newborn photographer at the hospital tried to make Nina look all cutesy and baby-ish, and even though she was only 3 days old, Nina was definitely not "Cutesy" or "Baby-ish"...we didn't purchase any of those photos. They didn't fit her, and neither did "Lil Bit".

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