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I always knew that my first girl I wanted to use my maiden name, Bailey. I have always loved my last name, I take pride in it. Honestly, if I didn't strongly believe in taking my husband name, I would have tried to convince him to take mine lol. Plus I like the fact that it's a universal name and when she does start looking for jobs her employers aren't going to look at her name and make crazy assumptions. However, we couldn't figure out a middle name, so I took it to Facebook lol. A lot of people gave really awesome suggestions. We took our top three that we liked as possibilities, and then when Bailey was born I knew it had to be Rose. That's how we came up with Bailey Rose. But remember, everyone has unique styles and ideas. So I think every name is a pretty name, I just might not choose that particular name for me is all.

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      I am a first time mom to a wonderful baby girl named Bailey Rose. Just trying to juggle being working mom, a fantastic wife, and wonderful caring mom to Bailey all the while trying not lose my sanity.