no nothing is wrong

with my first child I didn't have any symptoms and with this one I do every other day. Every pregnancy is different . You may have or you may not have.

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    My son, my first was a breeze. I was a chubby happy lady. With my second I was a mess. I had all sorts of issues from migraines to vericose veins to back pain to tests needed more because I would show markers for things. Ugh. It. Was. Rough.
    But she too turned out to be perfect. Thank God ;) but both were night and day for sure ;)
      Pregnancies are so different!! All 3 times I felt like I had no idea what to expect. With Mason I had no symptoms at the beginning, and lots of unpleasant ones later on. With Audrey I was SO sick at first and then the end it was pretty smooth sailing... and then there was Hayden... where I was just a miserable mess my entire pregnancy. haha
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