Unusual behavior

I always can measure how my kids are by how they're behaving. If they are happy and playful and not hungry for hours then no big deal. But if they seem lethargic or irritable then i would be concerned.

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    I used to really stress about the way Mason was eating - some days he would just eat a couple crackers and that's all I would be able to get in him. He also went on about a month-long strike where he would eat nothing but bread with Mayo (gross, right?!). I talked to his pediatrician and a nutritionist about it, and both said that as long as he had energy and was growing I shouldn't worry too much that toddlers are REALLY good at eating what they need when they need it.

    With Audrey we have almost the exact opposite concern - girlfriend is a bottomless pit!!! She is constantly telling us she is hungry. We keep trying to remind ourselves that she is in no way shape or form overweight and she is doing a ton of growing so as long as we are sticking with healthy snacks it's not a big deal if she eats all day everyday ;)
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