alright moms i need some advice/help. damian is 6 weeks and he started to fuss with nursing/latching. i can get him to eat from a bottle just fine. but my milk supply is low. so i mixed 2 oz bm and 2 oz of similac and he ate just fine without any spit up or fussing. but we are trying to avoid formula. but what else can i do right?

    I would suggest meeting with a lactation consultant - they will be able to give you the most help and advice. Try to pump between feedings or just after he feeds to help boost your supply. And just keep nursing him!! There are also lots of natural supplements that can help boost your supply.
      If you would like to increase your milk supply you need to nurse as much as possible for as long as possible. Being fussy at the breast is very common especially at this age because it is a common time for a growth spurt. Being fussy at the breast is NOT a sign of low milk supply. A baby has to work hard to breastfeed then with bottle feeding.

      If you goal is to only breastfeed and avoid formula then I suggest only breastfeeding and then counting wet and dirty diapers to monitor if your baby is getting enough milk. Fussiness is not a good indicator.

      I hope that helps!
      Pumping is not the best indicator of supply because the pump is not as good at emptying the breast as the baby is. I would just stop all bottles for now and breastfeed for as long as possible for as often as possible. Keep an eye on the diapers, you should be seeing 8-12 wet diapers a day. The urine should be clear or pale yellow in color. Keep an eye in the poop as well, there is a huge range of what is normal though.
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      im a first time mommy and he has had my heart since i heard him cry. i just went back to work a couple of weeks ago. its hard being away from his so long as i work full time. but i know im doing the best thing i can for him.