doctor's appointment this morning...

So at James' last appointment (9 month check up), his dr said he was down in percent, but not in weight so she had us schedule another appointment to check on it. Is percent more important when clearly he's healthy!

    I think the idea is that when they aren't gaining weight at the same rate they were originally (which is why the % would change), it can be an early indicator that there might be some issues (failure to thrive comes to mind) or other concerns. I wouldn't worry about it too much - it just means you'll go in a little more frequently for weight checks so they can monitor it a little closer :)
      I hate this part.. NO!! Percentile is obnoxious way of comparing your child to the average. It's just a tool and I think it freaks people out.
      So my kids were Akways in the 100% percentile. So I was told that meant out of 100 kids in a room they'd be taller and bigger than most or all.

      It's not something you need to worry about as much as a steady growth, milestones reached and a happy well fed baby.
        The percentage just gives them a bigger picture of the growth overtime. It is very common for a 9month old to slow down on their weight because they are learning to crawl and walk and are very active. If your son is happy, healthy and meeting developmental milestones then you have nothing to worry about. Over the new few months the doctor will watch his growth curve and percentile and make sure he stays on track. One time being lower isn't really a concern, especially at this age.
          Thank you ladies, you helped ease my mind. James' doctor said he went down from the 50th to the 25th percentile rather quickly, and she just wants to make sure he stays steady and doesn't drop anymore. He also just got weighed again and is about a pound and a half heavier.
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