ok im still ;late but for two days when I wipe I have a like pink red waterish color to it it not everytime i wipe either I been cramping like I should be on my menstrual ive never been this lAte befor I know every has been saying go to the doc but I haven't gotten the chace cus I work 12 hours a day im on my feet the entire time its just ugh but when I wipe consider spotting could this be a sigh

    Have you taken a pregnancy test? I would do that first before going to the doctor.
      Have you taken a home pregnancy test yet? I suggest taking one with your first morning urine.
        ive taken 4 test n im 5days late n the deed has been pretty much every day since we got married 6 months ago we have been trying n this is the closest we have gotten
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        hi everyone my name is Karen my husband and I have been trying super hard for a baby and im just not getting pregnant it breaks our hearts it makes us feel like we cant have children can anyone help us ???