First day of shots baby can be lethargic

Just watch their temperature and the area of the shot and your baby will perk up soon. Getting a shot can be dramatic too. Let them be tired ;)

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    Mine have always been sleepy and uninterested in food. Even Mason at his last round of shots wasn't interested in eating after them. I always give it 24 hours and they are usually back to themselves long before that time is up :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I always hated the lethargic way they acted. It didn't seem normal to me but know the "professionals" say it is.
        Mine has never been the same after shots. She always drank 6 oz at a time and then we started vaccines and boom. Literally the same day and since (5 months later) no appetite. I really hate these vaccines. Horrible. Basically ruined my childs appetite and I am battaling getting 20 oz in her daily. Each day is a struggle. Been in and out of gastros no answer- just tht shes allergic to milk probably and acid reflux yet no medicine has worked to date.
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