Is there a "Too Attached"?

I'm not sure there is a level of attachment that is "too attached" when it comes to mom and dad. I know it can be a pain when your baby doesn't want you to leave them, but a little bit of anxiety on the child's part is normal and healthy - they don't understand time very well (if at all) or the concept that you will ALWAYS come back for them. That doesn't necessarily mean they are too attached, just means that they don't understand what is going on. Mason and Audrey are both very attached to me and my husband, but as they have grown we are now able to explain to them that we are leaving them with a babysitter and will be back when they wake up (or whenever we are going to be back) and they understand and can say goodbye without tears.

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    I think all kids go through a stage where they seem devastated their mom left the room.
    Too attached is a weird phrasing. I think yes, there can be an unhealthy attachment. When the child won't settle with or for someone else even their dad.
    Then I think the mama needs to just take more time out. Even if just taking the trash out or sitting in the bathroom alone. Lol. Showing the baby you will come back.
      Nina is absolutely devastated if I leave her to do a quick store run while daddy's home, or if I close the door to go to the bathroom, even though her daddy's out there. She LOVES her daddy, don't get me wrong...but she gets so unreasonably upset if I'm not nearby. Her doctor told me this is completely normal, and not to worry about it. She encouraged me to keep taking Nina with me to the store and anywhere else I go as I feel necessary. I've never left her with a babysitter or family member other than my husband, and that wasn't for more than an hour or two but she's only almost One, and since her doctor said it's normal at this age, I don't worry.
      No don't worry at all. But I do feel that it was good for my kids to see me leave and COME BACK.
      You need your trip to store alone sometimes and yes it's hard they get upset but it truly passes and they make it through and they will see you're not gone forever.
      Breaks our heart more than theirs and ours lasts a lot longer it seems. Lol
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