Kids need school I think.

I understand the initial fear of sending kids to school and wanting to protect them. I get it. It's risky going to wal Mart or target nowadays and school can be scary.

I personally feel strongly that kids need to be in a school environment. They learn life tools. That they can't get from being socialized just in a park or a class.

Of course I want to protect my kids from jerks and mean girls and all that but in all honesty.. Even as an adult .. That doesn't go away. It just changes.

Kids need to learn how to navigate the social part of life as well. The good and the ugly. It's your job to make sure you stand beside them even if they are at a school or in your living room.

You still parent and support and coach.

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    I couldn't agree with this statement more: Even as an adult .. That doesn't go away. It just changes.

    School is scary. But it teaches some very important lessons. Avoiding the bullies or germs or whatever else school has that homeschooling wouldn't doesn't fix the problem or teach children how to deal with them... it just avoids them.

    I don't plan to homeschool, and don't have anything against those that do but I agree with you that school teaches some very valuable life lessons that are harder to teach without the school environment.
      Kids don't "need" school is it a great resource? yes it is but there is no reason that they need it. Kids will get the same effect threw signing them up for sports, clubs, co-op groups, church etc. My favorite saying is we socialize our animals, we educate our kids! Sure there are those people who are not "great" at home schooling and there kids grow up with no skills to live in the real world but putting all homeschoolers in the same group is a bad idea. I met more mean girl/boy clicks when I competed across the world in martial arts then I ever did in school. I plan to enroll my kids in school once they are 5 (we do homeschool preschool) but I would love if I could homeschool I just know my personal sanity could not handle it.
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