Bailey is only 3 months, but my husband are seriousl thinking about homeschooling her when she is older, if financials allow. It's not for everyone, but it is for some. If you look up the statistics, kids who are homeschooled are actually advanced for their grade for a variety of reasons. Some of it is because they are able to receive more one on one instructions, which is beneficial for anyone. They are able to move at their own pace instead of the teacher having to teach the majority of the class. If they grasp something right away you can move on sooner, or if something takes longer to grasp you are able to take more time on it. Unfortunately, teachers have to much to cover, especially for the standardized tests, they are not able to stay on one concept for a long period of time. Additionally, with being homeschooled you can gear the activities towards more hands on.

Now I do understand about the socialization aspect as well though. You want your child to be able to handle themselves in any situation. However, there are so many extra curricular activities available now I think it's more easier to have the social interaction then ever before. If I'm not mistaken, in Ohio the school district where you reside has to allow your child to participate in the extra curricula activities afterschool, such as a sport or any clubs. That is also an option. Plus there are so many groups that you can join where families that are homeschooling go on field trips together. I think there are more options for homeschooling then there had been in the past. My advice would be to look up all the options online and in your state and make a choice based on what is best for you family.

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    There are so many resources! I think my biggest opposition to homeschooling is my own complete and utter lack of desire to teach my children. I am too close to them and already find myself getting frustrated when they don't know their letters or what sound a letter makes that I know I've taught them before. My Mom helped write a homeschool curriculum and I know she would love it if I did it with them... but homeschooling just isn't for me.
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