Be smart about it...

If you're doing shots of tequila.. Pump and dump. If you have a glass of wine or two or three over hours.. And are eating... I personally wouldn't worry.

Just be real and honest about it. You're not going to be perfect. If you had one too many drinks, it's ok.. Just pump and move on. But you know your body. If you feel drunk or too tipsy.. Then you know it's in your blood ...

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    YES YES YES!!! I can't agree with this more. You know your own body more than anyone else. If you have been responsible and slow about drinking it's probably fine to nurse... if you haven't, don't nurse.
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      Absolutely. I didn't either much. But there are a lot of moms who do and want to and like to and have questions.
      Some abstain totally and that's great but I think it's important for us to hold ourselves to realistic standards.
      Some moms like to have a drink at night. Or two. They're not "drinking" and getting drunk but they enjoy wine or a beer.
      So it's important to know what's right for you is you. And moms who enjoy a drink can and should if they like but to be careful and aware.
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