Kids at the table and experiment

We are as a family. Even if my kids were eating at 5, we all tried to sit together at that time and then if my husband and I are later, they would sit with us and could try whatever we had.

Didn't always work out that way, but I tried.

I'd say kindergarten is when we all started to eat at the same time. Early enough for the kids but late enough for us that it didn't feel like a late lunch.

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    We already eat at the same time, the baby included. Once my kids are big enough to start solids, they eat at the same time the rest of the family does. We often don't eat breakfast together as Audrey likes to eat THE SECOND she wakes up and Mason and I like to wait a bit (hubs can go either way) but whenever possible, we eat lunch and dinner as a family.
      Amy Phroper
      My 2 year old is the only one that sometimes eats before the rest of us. We try to keep dinner at around 6:00-6:30. So that way he can eat with us as a whole family.
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