Stop Bed Wetting

We had a lot of trouble with Mason wetting the bed for some time. We left him in diapers for a long time, but once his accidents were less frequent and he asked to be out of diapers we just tried to so some other tactics.

We cut drinks out around 6PM (for a 7:30 bedtime)
Forced potty check before bed
Woke him up when we were going to sleep to check on the potty
If he woke up/made noise loud enough to wake us in the middle of the night we would check on the potty.
Added fiber to his diet - crazy I know, but I read an article that said constipation can be a huge cause of bed wetting in older children. I decided it certainly wouldn't hurt to be conscious of his fiber intake and do what we could to be sure he was regular :)

He does still have accidents sometimes, but they are few and far between now!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I never heard of the fiber tip, very interesting. I don't think that is/was an issue with any of my bed wetters. They are all pretty regular.
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