Oh, boy...!

Whelp, it may be time to switch out the crib for a toddler bed, soon! Nina's been getting more gymnastic every day! Yesterday, she was standing up for a long, long time by herself...each time you could feel it around her, that she wanted to just take off walking. She's been trying to climb up things, pull things down off of our desks and counters...today, she climbed up my monster of a computer and was straddling it, trying to get stuff off of my desk. She climbed up over her daddy who was laying on the floor, to get up on the chair where his phone was, and got all the way up.

This Morning was the kicker!
I woke up, and she had had a late bedtime last night so she woke up around 8am, and she was straight-up trying to climb out of her crib, the mattress of which is already as low as it goes to PREVENT climbing, and she was getting a decent amount of success. I'm afraid she'll climb all the way over one of these days and fall out! I remember when my youngest brother did that. He survived, ofc, but my husband likes to make jokes about him hitting his head being the reason that kid's as much of a dingbat as he is (my husband HATES my family)...I'm thinkin once we get settled into our new place, in...oh jeez, barely 3 weeks, we may have to get rid of the crib and get a toddler bed...they do have rails, and even if she rolls out, it's not a huge fall...I could put a mat or something down each night to catch her or something >.<

    I would wait as long as possible before transitioning to a toddler bed... I know for us, it was really hard to keep the kids in their beds once we switched over to toddler beds. We were always so eager to make the switch and regretted it both times.

    If she's a climber (which it sounds like she is!), you'll want to be sure all of the furniture in her room is bolted to the wall so she try to climb up her dresser and tip it over onto herself. There are lots of horrible stories about furniture tipping over onto kids.
      I know what you mean! My daughter did the same thing! We ended up moving within a few weeks of her climbing out of her crib, so she just ended up sleeping on her crib mattress, on the floor, with a mat next to the mattress. I'm planning on buying her a twin bed soon, with rails! :)
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