How to tell your boyfriend that you don't know who the father is...

The ONLY fair decision here is to tell him. Right now. It is not right to let anyone get attached to a child that may not be theirs. Be open, be honest, and be prepared for any response that your boyfriend will have. Some men will stick around and care for the child as if it was their own, some won't. My bf was attached to Charlie as soon he saw the ultrasound pictures, as soon as he heard the heartbeat he was hooked. Don't let anyone in your life become attached to your baby until you've been completely honest with them.

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    Great advice Alissa, it's not fair to anyone to lie about the paternity of your baby.

    No matter when you tell your boyfriend there are some doubts it's not going to be easy. But it needs to be done, putting it off will only make it harder!
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      I agree.
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