How big are your babies. Just trying to compare my kids to see. I know not right but curious

We will start off with haiden. He was born 3 weeks early as he was not growing very well i. Utro, so they thought he would do better on the outside. They even told me he would be about 4lbs at birth. At birth he was bigger than what they thought. He weighed 5lbs 4oz and 18inches. He is now 6 and very small boy weighing in at 30lbs abd 40inches.

Logan i knew he was going to be huge. I was already showing at 1month. And i always measured a week ahead. At birth he weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and 20inches. He is now 3.5 and weighes 32lbs and 36inches.

Vincent i felt huge but he was long. At birth he weighed in at 6lbs 11oz and 20inches. He is now 7.5months and weigh 15.5lbs and 26inches.

    My son was a week early and 9 1/2 lbs and 24 inches
    My daughter was a week early and 8 lbs 16 ounces and 23 inches long.

    Big babies. But they level out over the years and now at 7 and 9, though they are on the taller side they are not the tallest or biggest.

    Birth weight doesn't have much bearing in the future most of the time.
      Amy Phroper
      Miracle is my oldest. She is 9 years old. She was born a week late at 8lbs 5oz and 20in. She weighs 62lbs and is over 4 ft tall. Zander is my middle child. He was born 3 weeks early. He weighed 7lbs 5oz and 21in long. He is now 6 years old and weighs 32lbs and is 40in tall. Dakota is my youngest he was born a week early. He weighed 10lbs 7 1/3oz and was 21in. He is now 2 1/2 years old. He is now 32lbs and 37in tall.
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