I know it's none of my business but...

So.. this is starting to get on my nerves even thought it really shouldn't. The other day a woman posted on one of the facebook groups that she was looking to do some odds and ends jobs so that she could go see her son who lives about 4 hours away. First, I don't do charity unless it's for animals. BUT she said she was looking for small jobs, not handouts...Anyway. As you all know we have a ton of stuff going on with the rentals and well, I don't want to do yard work. So I offered her $50 if she would like to do a days worth of yard work. First she said she didn't have a car, then she didn't have enough money for gas. Then she wasn't sure about the weather. I told her that the job was available if she needed a bit of help but I wasn't going to give her a ride, or money for gas.

So.. I keep seeing her post on this site that now she's looking for more money. Countless people have given her ideas of cheaper options to get there to spend a day with her son. There's even a small airport in our town that she could take and get there for $100. Point is.. she's pretty much shooting everyone's ideas down and just wants $400.

It's none of my business, and who knows if that's really what she wants the money for because people are liars. If it was Charlie I would walk if I had to to spend time with him.

Anyway.. just wanted to vent. I know it's not my business it's just making me kind of sick and I don't even want to help her anymore... :/

    Sigh... I dunno. That's what I mean.. it's not my business to know what she's really doing with the money. She asked for a job, I had a job for her... it just makes me upset when people take advantage. At first she asked if she could come by on a Friday night. Um.. no. I told her that isn't enough time. I made in VERY clear that this is an entire day's work and it's physical. It's a ton of raking, trash pick up, a lot of branches need to be loaded into the flatbed.. We'll see if she stops by. Something tells me she's going to bail.
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