Didn't pass driving test

I'm happy I finally went. I just missed two things now I know what I need to do. To be my permit expired today.

    Keep in mind, if you have a different person do the test next time, some people let things pass that others wont..I failed twice because the first time, I missed one thing, and the second time, I corrected that, but the officer I had that time told me I was doing it wrong even though I did it the EXACT WAY the first officer told me to, and the second officer told me I'd have been right the first time, so I apparently missed doing the same thing again, even though I did it correctly. The time that I passed, I told the NEW officer that, and they said not to worry and passed me.
      I took the behind the wheel test and as of today my permit is expired so now I'll have to take my written test all over again
        I'm happy I went. It wasn't bad as I thought it was going to be.
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