help.. idk what kind of pads

What kind of pads like the brand n stuff do u recommend for those first six wks aftr birth???

    Always with wings, while your at the hospital ask for the ice pack pads they feel great after birth!
      Any kind with wings and super absorbency! I got an extra package from the hospital to take home with me so I did not need many more. I only needed them for about the first two weeks.Then I used the pantiliners with wings for 4-5 weeks.
        I used the ones from the hospital but then I bough a pack of the super thunder pads from the store. By about 2 weeks or so I was just using Always overnight pads. I think the bleeding basically stopped by 3-4 weeks.

        The best advice I have is to learn to make a Pad-cicle. Big thunder pad, perenial ice-pack (ask the hospital for extras), and Witch Hazel Hemeroid pads on top. You can also get foaming witch hazel which would be good too. Seriously, it's amazing...
        The newborn diapers filled with ice make a cheap and easy ice pack and they feel very soothing.
        Check with your OB at your 6 week checkup. They will let you know how your body is recovering and will give you the ok.
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