What would you do?

I was listening to the radio this morning and someone called in with a problem. They live in the top floor of a duplex with their three kids. They own their unit, but not the unit below them which is currently being rented out. They're neighbors below are constantly calling the police to file noise complaints because they can hear the kids running around. According to the parents the kids aren't being overly loud or obnoxious, they're just playing normally. The building is older so sound travels easily between floors.

They're tired of constantly dealing with the police just because their kids are playing. They've tried contacting the landlord of the unit below them, but he's not any help. They don't want to move but they don't want their neighbors to constant bother them about noise when there isn't anything they can do.

What would you do? Would you move? File harassment charges? Have you ever dealt with something like this?

    I think even if the police are coming to check out the claim, like they should be, they would see what was happening and not even question it. In fact, that would be the perfect time for them to tell the police that they are being harassed by the renters. When I first had my son, the first 6 weeks were tough because he had colic. But, no one ever called the police on me. But the landlord said he could hear my baby all the way down the street. I apologized and he said it was fine. When it comes to kids, you can't be kicked out for noise. I'm sure the complainers will end up moving. They know that the nice family with kids upstairs isn't going to get kicked out.
      Oh man, what a pain and a difficult situation to be in. I don't think I would move just because someone else was bothered by the living situation. If they are that bothered by the noise, they can move! I would think the police would understand - especially since I'm sure her children aren't running around in the middle of the night. Most communities have noise restrictions from like 11pm - 6am... I highly doubt the kids are running around that much between those hours. Owning is also much more permanent then renting. I would be friendly with the police, explain the situation over and over even though it's annoying and just wait for the people downstairs to move.
        8Theresa Gould
        We didn't have situation exactly like this but we lived in a duplex and the neighbors connected to us acted like they hated us and complained about this and that about our children. We lived there first and had five children when they moved in. In the end we decided we'd had enough of squelching our children's childhood and decided to move. It's been expensive and risky but we are glad we did. Our quality of life is waaaaay better now that it was with the stress of dealing with those neighbors.
          You know, hearing your neighbors is part of apartment living. It's just something you should know comes with the territory. I lived in an apartment (lovely place, really) that you could hear the people overhead walking through their apartment. Yes, it was annoying at first. Then I got to the point where I didn't even notice it.

          My point is, if you know you can't handle living under someone then you leave when your lease is up. Until then, you suck it up.
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