Front facing?

My son is now 9 months and I really want to put him front facing in the car. But I don't remember when I started putting my other boys front facing? He weighs 25 pounds and 29inches long... Do you think its safe to switching to front facing?

    Most states the law is one year. It is MUCH safer to leave him rear facing for as long as you are able to. Best practices, and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommend rear facing until 2 or until they are too big for the limits on their seat.
      It is not safe or legal to front face a 9 month old. I highly recommend rearfacing until the minimum requirements at least.

      Keep in mind that height and weight are not the only factors in safety, bone development plays a role as well and no matter how big or advanced your child is their bone development is at the same place as every other child that age.

      I would be happy to share some links to resources and information if you would like to see it.
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