Biking with Baby

I love to bike. Our town is great for biking even if you're just going to the store. Last summer I didn't even touch my bike because Avery was so new I didn't know how to bike with her. This summer Avery is turning one and we really want to get one of those bike trailers that she can sit in. I will bike everywhere if I can.

I was wondering, are there better options for biking with babies then the trailer? Can you bike with a baby under a year old? I can't think of a safe way to do it...

    We have a trailer for the big kids and they LOVE it. We haven't taken Hayden on a bike ride yet... we haven't gone to any specialty stores to look, but the smallest helmet in most stores is still giant on her. We were thinking about getting one of those seats that sit on the back of mom/dad's bike for her this year if we can find a good helmet for her as well... otherwise we'll just wait until next year and hopefully Mason will be on his own bike and she can have his spot in the trailer ;)
      8Theresa Gould
      We had one of those seats that went on the back of our bike that we used a little bit. We aren't big bikers and to tell you the truth I never felt completely comfortable with that method.
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