Morning Sickness

When did yours start with your kid(s)?
I feel like right now it's going in waves, between feeling sick to my stomach and being super hungry! Is that normal? I just feel like this pregnancy is so much different from my others!

MariaRichland, Michigan
    Totally normal! Morning sickness was my first real sign of pregnancy with Audrey - I was even still testing negative when I started being sick. With Audrey, I was just sick ALL.THE.TIME. With Hayden, I would get up in the morning, spend 2 hours feeling like garbage, throw up, and then be INSANELY hungry. Try to remember every pregnancy is different... just like every child is different!
      Thanks ladies, I'll be 6 weeks in a couple days. That's when things usually started to change in the nausea department for me, with my other 3.
        8Theresa Gould
        With most of mine my nausea started within the first couple of weeks of conception.
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