what are your kiddos getting for Easter this year? :)

we decided this year that our kids ages 3,4 and 6 will be getting surpised with a regular size trampoline (net included of course) they have had one of the little ones for awhile now and were rather upset when the relized they now have to take turnsjumping on it rather than all together bc they arent so little anymore! lol oh and their getting their own fishing poles too!! im so excited to see thier reaction!!!

Nikki Hicks
    8Theresa Gould
    We don't do gifts on Easter. We'll have a nice meal and just spend time together.
      That is awesome!!!!!

      I don't know what mine are getting. Audrey (3) was absolutely heartbroken I didn't buy her a giant stuffed rabbit from Walmart the other day, so I'm thinking that's a NEED. But otherwise I don't know. We try to avoid candy - so I will probably include some clothes and other things they may need.
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