Old mom vs young! What do you do better

I wasn't a young mom when I started to have children, compared to some, since I was nearly 27. I believe time, age and my children have made me a better person than I was at 27. I am more patient and tolerant of certain childish behavior than I use to be. I am generally a more relaxed mom, except if I am stressing about something else! So I am definitely a better mom now but in a different way.

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    I was 25 when Mason was born... so I'm not sure if that qualifies as an old or young mom??? I think there are some major benefits to having children young - more energy and easier pregnancies... but also some major benefits to having children later in life - more time spent with your spouse and more time to focus on yourself, and your career.
      I was 35 when I had mine so I definitely qualify in the old category lol but I do know that I am far more patient and was way more ready to become a mom vs the younger me.
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