What are you "expert areas"?

What are the areas you feel you are the closest thing to an expert in when it comes to parenting?

I am a certified car seat tech, so that one is for sure one of my areas.
I've also consecutively breastfed for over 3 years... through a pregnancy, and into tandem nursing. So while I don't have any certifications, I think I'm pretty well versed in breastfeeding ;)
Lastly, I think babywearing is one area that I'm nearing expertise on. I have tried (or still own) just about every soft structured carrier out there, and I also adore wraps and slings.

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    I am a certified childbirth educator and work at a hospital teaching childbirth classes.

    I am a certified doula and have been to many births and work in the labor and delivery unit at the local hospital.

    I am an accredited breastfeeding counselor.

    I feel like those a really my expert areas. I have other things I am passionate about and knowledgeable about.
      8Theresa Gould
      I have breastfeed for nearly 17 years and think I know quite a bit. I don't have any certifications but I did take in a lactation conference several years ago and it was interesting to learn the other side of breastfeeding. I am a certified doula and childbirth educator but never practiced, except for phone consults due to deciding my children were too young for me to be away from them at a moment's notice that birthing requires. Also, my certification has lapsed I am sure since I have not renewed in years. The company I did it through seems to have folded. I am mom to eight ages 17 down to 3 and think I have a handle on different ages of children. But expert? I don't generally think I'm an expert in anything but I do have knowledge others may not have due to my own experiences.
        I'd have to say newborns are my strong point. I actually have friends who will call me just to come calm their babies down.
          I would say I'm most proud of my disciplining my kids. My kids are well behaved (not abnormally thru can still be poops and kids).. But I feel confident in what I've done from the time it all started to now.
          My rules, expectations, routine, manners and Akways following through with my time outs or threats of taking things away etc have paid off.
          I've never ever hit or spanked them. Sometimes just a tone in my voice is all they need to know I'm not messing around.
          I'm not perfect and neither are they but I feel I could teach and help moms who are either having difficulty or don't know what to do.
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