How much did you pay for spay/neuter?

I mentioned on another thread that the cats are getting spayed next week. YAY! I called around to a bunch of different places to get pricing for having the procedure done. The prices varied so much, it was unbelieveable. Starting at 45 and going up to 300 bucks a pop per cat! I don't mind spending money on my animals but I couldn't understand why the differences in pricing.

What did you pay for your pets surgery?

    Ah.. I hate the fluctuations in pricing.. drives me insane!

    For instance.. Stella, our English Bulldog, typically goes to this "bulldog vet".. where they specialize in her breed.. so we love it! Well, when she was tiny, we took her for her first few visits and they asked about getting her spayed, if we wanted to.. and yes of course we did.. I inquired about the price and they said anywhere from $300 to $500 ummm WHAT! So I went hunting.. and found this amazing, low cost spay/neuter clinic.. I paid $90 for EVERYTHING, including splurging on pain meds for her.. and she was a okay.. in fact, got 2 follow up visits FOR FREE.. It's insane that the prices can differ so much.
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