Do you take anything for sleep??

I tried every homeopathic substance, tea, vitamin out there to no success.

I finally tried a few different prescriptions from my doctor. Ambien made me want to dance not sleep. Lol. Xanax made me tired the whole day after. It was awful.

My main concern of course was I didn't want to be knocked out. Or so asleep I couldn't hear my kids or wake to a slight sound. Then I found restoril. Very mild and lowest dosage is wonderful. It doesn't actually make me sleepy it just sort of calms my brain down enough that I can fall asleep. And the best part is I can get up a dozen times throughout the night for whatever reason and still be able to fall back asleep no problem.
Also I'm up at 5:45 with no issue. No sleepover no headache. Refreshed and rested.

I don't like to take things and I don't take it every night but it seriously has been a life saver. I'm better during the day. A better mom, person and writer.

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