Disgusting Lava Food...aka Hot Rice

I figured some of you mommies here might like spicy stuff, so I thought I'd share my husband's favorite spicy-food mix that I make for him on weekends and days when he needs a pick-me-up. I'm...not really into measurements lol, so it's pretty much a "as much as you want" type thing.

What I use:
Giant Wok
Decently Big Skillet
Stick-free pot
Regular skillet or whatever you use to cook an egg
Spatulas and Spoons
Cutting Board
Good, sharp knife

Ingredients I use:
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Red Onion
Broccoli (2 good sized heads)
Garlic Powder
Soy Sauce
Boneless Chicken Breast x 2-3 (depending on size)
Pace Hot Salsa Mix
Sriracha Chili Sauce - Hot
Black Pepper
1-2 Eggs
White Rice (the amount is up to you)
Veggie Oil
Can of corn
Can of mixed veggies

What I do:

I start by defrosting the chicken, if it isn't already. While that's happening, I start cutting up all the veggies...dicing, chopping, blah. Those all get mixed into the giant wok, with some veggie oil and soy sauce and then they start cooking (I use medium heat for the mix the entire time). I add the can of corn and mixed veggies (drained of the can-juice) to this as well. Its a giant veggie party in that wok at this point.The chicken should be defrosted by the time the veggies are cut up, so I cut it up into small-ish bits and put it all in the decent sized skillet. After this, I use the pot to boil some water to cook rice in...once it's boiling, start up the rice. It cooks the fastest of all of this stuff. After letting these cook for a while (don't forget to keep mixing the veggies so they don't burn. Add more veggie oil or soy sauce if you want.) Once the rice is fully cooked, mix it into the veggies. Start up the egg or two, and make it scrambled. Once its done, add it to the mix. Here comes the fun part. Douse this entire mix with pace and sriracha and garlic powder. Put as much as you want...to my husband, there is no such thing as "too much spicyness/hot". He likes it to be drowned until the rice and veggies are just...red. Dark red hot ick, lol! Im not a fan of spicy hot food at all. The chicken should be done, soon. Once it is (we like to let it get a little bit of burn and brown on it), make it light brown with soy sauce, mix in some garlic powder and black pepper, and let that cook onto the chicken for a moment or two, and then add it to the mix and add more sauce if you think necessary. Either way, mix it all up really good. And there you have, Hot Rice!

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