Sell, donate or keep?

Two out of three for me. I donate because at some stores I can get store credit for other things I need. I always go to second hand stores because he's going to grow out of everything so fast, I am NOT going to spend all kinds of money on him just yet. Growing out of something in two wearings is so not worth the money. Some of Lucas's clothes I do keep. Anything that says a "My first..." on it and his coming home outfit that I wanted him to wear and the one that he actually wore lol. Also, totally kept his hat from the hospital too!! I want to keep these things to have good memories from when he is little. :)

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Mommy of 1 and step-mommy of 1!!!! Abs is my step baby and I love her so much and Luke is my boy and the most amazing little man. I love my babies beyond words and I've never been happier! I work for an event company called Game Truck!