Teething Troubles

Symptoms: When Nina started teething at 2 months, she drooled waterfalls, chewed everything, slept fitfully at night and had a slightly warm forehead.

Treatments: I used various things...I got her some teether toys that I put in the freezer...I kept all of her pacifiers in there, too, and rotated them out to keep a constant chill on her gums when she needed it, especially at night. She'd start to cry and wake up so I'd get up, stagger over to the minifridge and change out her pacifier and all was well again. For the really bad times, I had baby Orajel. She made faces at the taste because of course it had to be a battle to get past her urge to lick things, but it worked. If I couldn't get it on her gums because she was too persistent, I'd put a little on a frozen-cold pacifier, near where the soft plastic meets the hard plastic so it would reach her gums, and not just her tongue, and she'd be perfectly happy again.

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