I heard the baby's heartbeat on April 1st

At my second appointment (13 weeks) I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat. It really solidified the fact that there is a little life in there. Not that I wasn't taking all necessary precautions and vitamins after the 3 (2 at home and a blood test at the hospital) positive pregnancy tests, but as a first time mom-to-be with really no morning sickness or hardcore symptoms (I consider myself lucky) it was really the eye opener! It was such a magical sound and emotional moment, to know that there was something actually in there aside from the toaster waffles I had for breakfast!! I am very excited for my next appointment (17 weeks) on April 30th to schedule my ultrasound so I can not only see my baby for the first time, but find out if my husband and I will be blessed with a little boy or girl! I can't wait!

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A first time mommy-to-be. I'm married to a wonderful man, David. We own our own semi and David drives so unfortunately he is on the road most of the time. David has 2 kids, Ty (6) and Amelia (5) and they are equally excited that we are having a baby!!