This Sunday: What's your menu?

If you're celebrating this Sunday (Easter for some, a late Ostara, or maybe just spring for others), what are you serving?

I'm roasting a rack of lamb--my personal tradition. My mom usually makes a ham, but as my husband's not a fan of ham, I think lamb is a tasty swap. I'm going to roast asparagus and make creamed leeks too. I don't have a lot of time for baking, so I think I'll pick up a challah bread in place of my mom's paska...and I want to add one more thing to my menu, but I'm not sure.

If you're celebrating anything, or if you have any ideas, please share! :)

I respect this very much! :)
    There's a gentle farm here.. where they take in abused farm animals and they have pigs, goats, cows.. the whole works.. and for Easter you can go and sit with the animals and brush them and feed them.. you have to make reservations.. it's not a zoo.. they don't want to harm or scare the animals.. but they have an egg hunt and fix a vegetarian lunch for you...that's our menu...

    We aren't vegetarian... but I don't think cooking burgers there is .. uh... really nice.. lol..
      Just following up--the leftovers were awesome for lunch today!
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