15 months!

Baby T is 15 months old today! I cant figure out where the time went! I sure do love my little man...makes me really miss our other boy...hate custody battles. Wish my boys could spend time together.

    The older he gets the more I love it! I love being able to play and interact with him and having him understand more and more. We are working on using words instead of monkey sounds to get what he wants lol
    It has been a year since we got to see our other boy. It's heartbreaking. His mom is going against court order and fighting us tooth and nail. But we know it will all work out as long as we don't give up :-)
    Yes, Tristen is my biological child and his brother is my step son. I consider them both mine though. I mean he has a mom and loves her and I will never be his mom or take her place or want to, but I can love him unconditionally! He's my big head boy and Tristen is my other big head boy :-)
    Custody is such a hard thing to deal with. It would be nice if both sides could figure out there shouldn't be sides, there should only be "we all love this child lets make sure they are happy, healthy and safe." The fact that he has a whole other family that loves him now just adds to his life...can you imagine having so many people love you? In a perfect world the other party would think this way. Sadly we don't live in a perfect world. And I am sure it is hard on her, I can't even imagine...I would never want to be in the situation she is in. But we all make choices that put us in certain situations and we have to make the best of them especially if there are kids involved. Hopefully someday it will get to a good point!
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