It's the little things!

May 5th is coming up fast! I've already got our u-haul trailer reserved, we still have the hitch on the car for it from our last move...I've got our apartment waiting for us...we've made a list of things to get over the next year, including our pets...some couches to choose from...various furniture thingies and doo-dads...Trevor's passing his C-School tests and classes...Nina's happy and having fun...I've got our internet service ready to transfer when we move, our power set up for when we get there...all that's left is to wait for Trevor to graduate all of his training on April 28th! And then we'll spend a few days packing up, and then leave Florida behind on May 4th! I just can't wait! All that's left is this waiting, for now, and I'm excited to get to our new, slightly bigger place, get a puppy and a kitten and set up Nina's new room, and all of our stuff!

I am...I am way too much into organizing things. I -love- rearranging things and putting things together and setting stuff up. Especially in new places or with new things!

Though, I think a huge part of it is the new place can actually feel like "home" to me for a while. We both knew we'd only be here for a couple months, but we'll be in Virginia for at least a couple years , so it won't feel so temporary anymore.


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