adding rice cereal to formula, huh?

My first question is about adding rice cereal to formula for an always super hungry 2 month old. My mother and grandmother keep telling me to use rice formula. The nurse for my pediatrician said it would be fine if I added 1 tsp to 4 oz. of formula and thus far it's working well. Any advice?

    We wont use rice cereal before 6months because they just do not have the ability to digest it properly until then. With my first we tried it in the bottle at 4months for reflux but it didn't help so we stopped.

    How much and how often is he eating? What is he doing that makes you think he is hungry?
      Rice cereal really shouldn't be added to a bottle. If they cough or sputter at all while drinking bits of rice could get into the baby's lungs. It used to be common practice to add cereal to bottles but new evidence says it's dangerous and could contribute to weight issues later in life.

      It's generally recommended to weight until six months to feed a baby any solids (and cereal doesn't have to be the first solid). If you really think your baby is ready you can give a baby solids as early as 4 months.
        My daughter started at a month old because of her Gurds. I didn't talk to my doctor about it till afterwards, as it did help her. I talked to other moms and my baby sister was starving at her birth as my mom tried to breastfeed and finally gave up 4 hours later, but ever since she was always hungry and they started rice at two weeks because she was acting like formula wasn't enough. The bottom line is whatever you feel is the right thing, is the right thing, your the mom.
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