Potty Training: Maybe Next Time

Recently I've cracked down on potty training. I got an app on my phone to remind us every 30 minutes that it's time to potty, we're working with pull-ups and a reward sticker chart... But she's just not getting it. She pulls down her pants, sits down, and nothing. Then she stands up, pulls up her pants, and takes off. She's still wetting and dirtying her pull-ups like they were diapers. I can't figure out how to get it across to her that she's supposed to potty in her toilet, not the pull-ups... I think she may just not be ready. Or am I just getting frustrated? *Sigh* Maybe we should try again in a few months...

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    Pull ups could be the problem. I know they work for some people, but they can make potty training harder. The issue is that they don't allow the child to feel the wetness. That uncomfortable feeling of sitting in poo or pee is nature's way of getting kids to use the potty. Try some cloth training pants like these:

    You can get waterproof covers too: http://www.target.com/p/gerber-toddler-girls-2-pa…

    They don't feel like a diaper at all and kids definitely feel the icky-ness when they have an accident. This might help your daughter get that she's not supposed to pee in her pants.
      8Theresa Gould
      We used pull ups with our youngest and he just got trained at 3.5 years old, thanks to my husband taking away the pull ups except for at bedtime. He was our latest to train. The others we used clothing training pants.
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