feeling a lil lost

I feel like I'm losing myself being a stat at home mom and wife. I love my husband and my baby boy just some time I feel like I do not know how I am anymore. I try to explain this to my husband but I feel like he does not understand it at all. I will love to go back to work but day care is so much

Rebecca VanEckHinesville, Georgia
    8Theresa Gould
    Have you tried getting together with other moms? Having a moms night out to do what you like to do? Making time for a hobby or activity you enjoy on a regular basis?
      Rebecca VanEck
      I really do not have any friends here and no car fun fun. Love being a Army wife.
      He keeps telling me that a I live and everything will be OK when he says that I feel like I'm just going to scream at him.
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      I'm name is Rebecca and I'm a stay at home mom and Army wife. I have 2 girls and 1 boy Anela James and Rosalee. I'm from Hawaii