Why I want to have a baby young

I'm not as young as some of the moms here, but still pretty young to be trying to conceive- in my early twenties. Hubby and I have been trying for a few years, so I had honestly thought I'd have my first before now. A lot of my friends think I'm Crazy with a capital C.

But, for me... Having a baby young feels right.

Those some people thought I'd lost my mind when I moved in with my now-husband at 17 and got married at 18. And, yeah... I probably had lost my mind, lol, but it works for me. This is the life I intended to lead and I enjoy being a wife.

I want to have a family. We are in a position to do so. We've already been doing 'adult life' for quite a long time. We're not in the honeymoon phase. We're not scrimping for money. And we pretty well got the party phase out a while back. It's not like we've not had some life experience either, especially with my husband being in the military. We've been through quite a bit as a couple. We're as ready as we'll ever be. I think deciding that isn't about age as much as it is your own life... I know people my age and older who are in no way ready for a child. I also know plenty of gals who are younger than me who are doing a mighty fine job at mommyhood. (Hello, Selena!) I think it just depends on YOU and your own situation and family.

I want to have the baby young not only because it feels right and because we can, but because I want to be 'in touch' with the younger generation still. I don't want to be the mom who can't work the newest technology or know what's going on in the world on the cutting edge. Science and discovery and technology are huge interests of mine, and I'd like to offer that to my kids too. I don't want to feel outdated, because I want to give my kids the best chance at their future I can.

I want the energy and vigor of being young so that I can run and play and hike and be silly without being worn out completely at the end of the day.

My husband's parents had him much older... He has siblings about my parents' age. And, it's kind of sad. Sure, they were financially stable and had plenty of experience... But our kids won't have much of an opportunity I don't think to have 'fun' grandparents. They won't experience the same things I did with my grandparents because they will be... well, old. I know my husband isn't fond of the idea of being in that same position when our kids have kids.

We want to have about four children, so with my fertility issues happening, that might take a bit. I want to start now. I don't want to be raising kids in my house when I'm 'old.' I want to still have some vitality to live and explore and travel after the kids are out and I have that experience and a different outlook on life. I want to have plenty of life to live to go enjoy the things we want after our babies are out of the house.

Also, my husband is a bit older than me, so I want to make sure he has energy still also... He'll be 26 this year, so he's teetering on that 'average' age to have kids and I want him to experience being a young dad who is full of fun still.

What about you?
Why did you/do you want to have kids young?
Or... Why did/do you want to have kids older?

If you've done both... Did you enjoy being an older or younger mother more? Why?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I was going on 27 when I had my first. I didn't get married until two weeks before my 24th birthday. I don't think I'd change the way it happened for us. I definitely think I am more tired now at nearly 44 than I was at 27, but I am also working full-time on top of mommyhood and homeschooling. So completely different circumstances and focuses going on now than when I was 27.
    I still don't know how you do it, lol. Blows my mind. It makes me tired just thinking about it.
      I'm 31 and had my first at 30. I wanted to have them young and I was ready, but I was waiting for the right time. I'm glad I did wait because I broke up with my ex after 8 years and then met my husband and we both wanted the same things in life. We decided to go for it because I was getting older and we would be waiting forever if we waited for the right time and it was the best decision we ever made.
        I was 24 and definitely ready for a child. I wanted a child at an even younger age , my husband and I had already been married 4 years. I also had fertility issues , and thank god I was able to conceive.
        It does change your life in every aspect, but in a good way. I agree that it depends on person to person what age they decide. Some at age 30 still are not ready. For me , it was a great decision!!
          I don't think that age is really something to describes it comes to having children. I can see I'm the youngest in this conversation so I will tell u that I got pregnant at 15and gave birth at the age 16 I have a full time job a house and I pay the bills. I married my son's father and am now about to just turn 19.I know many older people that are no were near responsible enough for children. I got judged a lot but in the end people got to know me realize that I have been an amazing mother.I think it just really depends on the people rather than the age.
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