Military spouse grant... Have you done it?

As a military spouse, I can say I've looked into various grants, but have never received one (because I never signed up for any of them, as I'll explain in a sec.)

It depends on what you're trying to get the grant for.

There are military spouse grants for college, and that seems to be the most widely known and used one.

To get a military spouse grant for college, at least in the Marine Corps, you have to be a DEERS eligible spouse who either

A. Has access to an office in which you can sign up for the grant


B. Be willing to put your very specific, personal information in the grant portal.... Where the security certificate has been expired/wrong for YEARS. No kidding. Thank you, government.

That's why I never did.

But, if you can get to an office or are willing to trust the website despite the security certificate problem... It can be a good deal.

If I recall, Marine Corps spouses can get $2000 to put towards college. I've read conflicting information... Some say it can go toward a bachelor's degree, others say it can go towards and associate degree or a licensed trade. I didn't go too much further in my research when I realized I couldn't do much with it since I couldn't figure out how to safely sign up.

I think, though, you have to complete whatever courses you're going for within a certain amount of time. Don't quote me.

I think you can also get grants for monetary aid as a military spouse. There are tons of programs like this in the Marine Corps to cover you if you need money for an emergency (plane tickets to get back home and see a sick family member, car broke down, etc) They are basically like mini-loans. That's one thing I can say for the Marine Corps, at least on this big base in California... There are a lot of things like that to help.

They also have food giveaways sometimes, as well as clothes/household giveaways that are packed with baby clothes and items. You just have to keep your eyes open and talk to your neighbors to figure out when this stuff happens. I've never seen a sign for any of them, but it's rumored the dates are somewhere on Facebook. I've never found them...

So... They aren't always easy to find, but once you know the schedule, they can be a massive help!

If you need more though, Google has tons of info... Just google “military spouse grant” and “your need”

If anyone else has more information about these military spouse grants, please let me know!

And... if anyone has signed up for the college grant online and not had problems with the security certificate (didn't have something happen after) please let me know! It sounds like a great thing to have... I just worry about risking that sort of personal information.

Have you ever gotten a military spouse grant? How did you do it?

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