Nervous Mommy!

I finally broke down and made Tristen a Dr appt...he has been getting his vaccines at the health department simply because I am having a hard time trusting Dr's with him...when he was 8 months old the last Dr he had gave him his 1 year shots! Plus they almost gave him a vaccine he isn't allowed to get until he is 4! So since he doesn't need any shots I am taking him in to a new Dr...I am researching everything I can find about what to expect for baby wellness checks for his age...this momma is nervous! I have a week of dread to endure too! I know now though that it is my job to be sometimes even more informed than the Dr. And to say no if I don't feel right about something.

    The one that did that was a pediatrician the person he is seeing is a family doctor.
    I said something that day and made them show me his records where it said he needed the shots. It said he was due so I let them do it. Then I just didn't feel right about it when we got home, it kept nagging at me so I called and demanded a copy of his medical records and shot records. It took me about two days after getting them read through and understand what they had done. I called the office and chewed them out! Then I filed a complaint with the medical board and with the insurance company.
    I am so nervous! His 8 month appt was only supposed to be a wellness check and no shots too. At least now I KNOW he is not due for anything.
      Wow... I cannot imagine having an incompetent doctor...I love our pediatricians! i am sorry you have gone through this!
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