..many things!

You can do many things to encourage your baby to be active, even at this very young age.. my little guy is almost 10 weeks and here are some things I do that REALLY help him.. he's a very alert & chatty guy :)

- TALK to them.. all the time! Anytime! They love it and will easily start to "talk" back.. or what they think is talking.. Monroe almost answers us when we chat with him :)
- Use those "crinkle" toys and take their hands and let them touch it and hear the noise.. we have been doing this with Monroe and low and behold.. he HOLDS it now! :)
- Play music.. music is so good for babies!
- Read to them daily.. the amount of words baby's hear is SO good for them.. doesn't even really matter what book it is.. just read! They are basically little sponges!
- Talk them on walks.. We take Monroe on daily walks and he finally doesn't always fall asleep :) He lately peeks out and looks around in complete amazement.. and THEN falls asleep haha
- Take them out with you.. to eat, to the store.. don't be afraid.. I firmly believe that is all so good for them!
- Tummy Time! This one is great and so needed at this age!
- Play time in general.. let them wiggle and roll around on their play mat :)

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    These are all great! What a wonderful mom!
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