Endometriosis...How many woman have it and have children?

At the age of 19 I found I had endometriosis stage 3 going into a 4.
A few weeks after my surgery I was still in a lot of pain, and went back to the doctor who told me that it would be best for me to have a hysterectomy, I told her no. I want to at least try to have a child one day, she then went on to say the chances of me having a child were very slim to none and that by the time I turn 25 I will need to go ahead then with the surgery.
Now I went on to have a child at the age of 21/22 (my daughters and I birthdays are 8 days apart -lol) and I am now 25.
Now my question is to other mothers who have endometriosis, how hard was it for you to have a child? Did you have more than one? Ect..?
I am still in pain but the birth-control helps a lot, but I wonder if I should try to hold out for more children later on or not.
Now for some of you who wonder about this, the only way to know for sure if you have it is by surgery.

    My sister has it... not sure how hard it was for her to conceive ... but she does have 3 children ... two of which are twins!
      I really don't know. On one hand I would love for my daughter to have a brother or sister , but on the other hand I think about how many children are in the world who their own blood didnt want them, so do I really need to bring another person into the world. I am still young and not in a relationship, which I dont even want to have another child outside of marriage. So the thing is, do I want to go another 5 to 7 years with this pain on the hope that ill meet "the one" and try to have one more pregnancy (which I loved) or go though a whole new set of issues. I have time to think about it, but I wonder if woman who have endo only have one miracle baby or if they do have more, how hard was it?
        I am on a page on Facebook called Pregnant with Endometriosis:The Original Group, and there are several women who have successfully gotten pregnant a few different times. Each pregnancy/woman is different. So just because it was hard for one person to get pregnant a second time doesnt mean it will be for you. Another thing you may want to keep in mind, Hysterectomies do not solve the problem for all women. It just depends on your body itself. What you could do is look into the adoption process and see if you would ever be in the position to consider that option and go from there.
          Since I was seven I always said I wanted to adopt and/or foster, so I pray one day I can do that! It was actually a few people Ive known though the years, that Ive seen how hard it is to have just one baby, and I say to myself, you should just be thankful for your daughter and move on to the next thing, not worry about something you have no clue about , as it has yet to even be in the works. And you are very much right on the hysterectomy, since I had a cousin with the same issues but she went though with the surgery after her son was born at the age of 20 and by 28 she was having other problems do to that, because we are woman and our body was made in a way, that to remove such a big part of a female body causes issues. Thank you too for the facebook page Alexx!!!!
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