Its quite normal behaviour for that age. I would make sure the step father is getting down to the childs level and looking him or her in the eyes. I would also make sure that the step father talks calmly and respectfully. Humans are very relational based. If the relationships not there, the toddler won't listen. But not listening is also normal expected behaviour.

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    Many adults also don't realize the children hear differently than adults. Its not always that they are ignoring you, but sometimes they honestly don't here you. As adults we tend to hear almost everything that has to do with us, yet we can tune out other information. Toddlers haven't mastered that skill yet. So not only can they not always tune out other inputs of sound, they don't always here what you say. Thats why the best method is to get down to their level and look them into the eye. Speak to them gently and calmly. That way you get rid of the power differential, you know they are listening, and they don't feel threatened by your tone and get defensiv e
      I think that a toddler is going to be defiant in general ... they are testing the waters at that age!
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