Even though Trevor is gone from early morning, til lunch for an hour, and then gone again until 3-4pm, and rarely helps out afterwards, I don't feel Single, or lacking. Even when he was gone for 5 months in Training, I never felt Single. I knew he was working hard and doing things he didn't want to do in order to support us. Even now, with a potential deployment coming up, I won't feel Single. We'll talk every time that we can via phone or Skype, write letters if that's what we need to, like we did while he was in Boot Camp. I don't ever ask him to help out, unless I truly am swamped, and that hardly ever happens. I sometimes miss my job, so I make my home life my "job"...keeping it clean and keeping us all fed and healthy and happy. I appreciate what my husband does, and he appreciates what I do.

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I'm a SAHM and a Navy Wife. My little family is my life, and I enjoy reading and online gaming. I like to help out where I can, and I just want to live life happily.