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I've been told that "as long as you possibly can" is always best...but I think it's creepy once a kid hits like...1 year old. I've always been kinda weirded out by breast feeding. My mom said I refused to as a baby, and same with my brothers. Nina took to it, and as much as I hated breast feeding, I intended to for 6 months, but I had to stop at 3 because of supply problems and switched to formula. Nina didn't mind.

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    Yes I believe it is personal preference... what is creepy to some is a norm to others!
      my daughter self weaned right before her 1st birthday. i dont think its weird to breastfeed but i do believe if the child is old enough to say i want milk its time to wean off the nipple but thats my preference and as stated above every mother and child is different. If i could of pumped even after she weaned off the nipple i would of put breastmilk in sippy cup instead of cows milk but it didnt work that way for us.
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