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What do all of you moms do for Easter a anything special? Is dying Easter eggs with a one and a half year old safe? We want to do something special for Easter with Jocelyn but not sure what to do.

    5Mary Hunt
    We always do the egg dying thing (which I've learned some new tricks for this year) and usually just lounge around the house. This year (since I never knew about it before...forgive me as I had a very sheltered childhood) I am going to be making a special dinner. I've dyed the eggs with the kids since they were old enough to enjoy watching the whites change colors. Chesnie and Jax did their first eggs at about 21 months. It's messy, but oh so fun to watch them at that age!!
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    I have a 1 year old daughter named Jocelyn Hope she means the world to me. I just recently found out that I'm expecting baby number 2. I also accepted the proposal from my long time boyfriend Travis who means everything to me