Breast milk vs formula

Breast milk vs formula - I'm all for breast feeding, I prefer it and was absolutely set on doing so before I had my baby. If you're struggling, ask a lactation consultant or your baby's doctor for help. If your baby's doctor is concerned that your baby isn't receiving adequate nutrition or hydration, he or she might suggest supplementing with formula. Breast milk is the ideal food for babies and the best way to keep a baby healthy. Commercial infant formulas don't contain the immunity-boosting elements of breast milk. For most babies, breast milk is also easier to digest than formula. However, infant formula supports healthy babies who have typical dietary needs. A baby who has special nutritional needs might require a special formula. If you're considering formula-feeding, do your research so that you can make an informed decision. Then focus on nourishing and nurturing your baby, consult your pediatrician too.

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    I am happy I made the decision to breastfeed and it's been everything I wanted since before my daughter was born. Today we are still in sync and she is a happy, healthy and smart little baby. But breastfeeding Is a personal choice, and it's totally up to the mom to decide if breastfeeding is right for her. If she chooses to formula feed, and her baby is getting adequate nutrition gaining weight and growing, then that is all that matters.
    Well it's good that you tried and your doing what's best for your child. She's healthy and well fed.
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